New! Mobile COVID-19 Testing Clinic in Southern California


Doing Our Part to

Maintain a Safe Workplace

We're working to keep as many people safe and healthy as possible through an array of complementary public health interventions. By getting ahead of the problem, we can flatten the curve together.

Smart, hassle-free

mobile testing

The COVID-19 Rapid Test allows us to break down barriers to access that previously existed due to limited testing supplies in California. If you're concerned about your health during this time, simply book an appointment and we will visit your company onsite."flatten the curve together.

  • 360º Assessment (not just Covid-19)
  • Post visit follow-ups
  • Work notes availabe

COVID Air Ready means

PCR results within 72 hours of departure

Our COVID Ready Program was designed to enable safe travel. We have partnered with many airlines and provide certification within the 72 hour window required by the state of Alaska and others.

Taking COVID-19

testing on the road

Our mobile certified technicians will come to your place of business and beyond. Delivering same-day results, the Rapid COVID-19 Test is quick, easy and effective. For active viral infections, a nasal swab will be collected onsite and brought back to our lab for processing. Businesses can book an appointment online, visit the mobile clinic (without having to wait in line), get tested and learn their results.

Taking COVID-19

Assessment Test online

We’re here to give you the care you need during this pandemic. We provide free COVID-19 assessments through our app as well as virtual telemedicine to discuss your symptoms.


Frequently asked questions

The risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace depends on the likelihood of coming within 6-feet of others, in having frequent physical contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19, and through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects.

Employers and managers, in consultation with workers and Professional Screening Companies, should carry out and regularly update the risk assessment for work-related exposure to COVID-19, preferably with the support of TruCheck Health Services.

Thermal screening at the workplace can be considered part of a package of measures to prevent and control COVID-19 at the workplace. Relying on temperature screening alone will not stop the spread of COVID-19 at work. Workers should be encouraged to self-monitor their health, possibly with the use of questionnaires, and take their own temperature regularly at home. Workplaces should adopt “stay at home if unwell” and flexible sick leave policies to discourage workers with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 from coming to the workplaces. 

There should be fresh, clean air in all workplaces. For jobs and work tasks at medium or high risk of exposure, World Health Organization and CDC recommends an increased ventilation rate through natural aeration or artificial ventilation, preferably without re-circulation of the air. In case of air recirculation, filters should be cleaned regularly. 

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